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Executive Resume Writing Services

Multi-certified Executive Resume Writers and Career Strategists for Directors, CEOs, SVP, VP, CIO, CFO, COO and other C-Level Executives.




Executive Resumes that Get You Hired

Savvy Concepts is an Executive Resume writing service that was founded by multi-certified, C-level executive resume writers, with over 20 years of experience in personal branding and career coaching. We are one of the most sought-after Executive Resume Writing agencies by recruiters seeking professional resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles to position their candidates for Director, CEO, SVP, VP and other senior positions in Fortune 500 and other global corporations.

As a senior executive, your track record of accomplishments is one of your most valuable assets in building your personal brand and unique value proposition. We work closely with you to identify and highlight your key achievements and showcase your leadership, strategic vision, and bottom-line impact. Be it product management, revenue growth, cost savings, successful mergers and acquisitions, or other notable accomplishments, we ensure that your resume effectively communicates your true value to prospective employers.

We serve executives from a diverse range of professions, including IT, engineering, finance, healthcare, sales and marketing, data science, AI and more. With our resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles, you are assured of success, whether you're seeking career advancement, transition to new areas of specialization, or personal branding as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in your profession. These successes come with better pay, greater job satisfaction and, in many cases, self-actualization.

Why Choose Our Executive Resume Writing Services?

  • Personalized Communication on Phone and Email. 
  • Human-written ATS Compliant Resume in MS Word and PDF formats.
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization.
  • 5 Days Turn Around Time.
  • 3 Revisions at no extra cost.



How to Order our Executive Resume Writing Services

Email us your current resume and job description (actual or sample) of the position you wish to pursue. Our email address is: info@savvyconcepts.co. Also, indicate your preferred servicer package from the three options below (Executive Resume only, Resume + Cover Letter or Resume + Cover Letter + LinkedIn Profile).

We will then send you an invoice, and after you've made the payment, we will start the writing process.

i. Executive Resume Only - $300  

ii. Executive Resume + Cover Letter $350  

iii. Executive Resume + Cover Letter + LinkedInProfile - $400

What Customers Say About Us...


A Worthwhile Investment with Remarkable Results...

I am a Senior Vice President for Technology in a Fortune 200 company. Working with Savvy Concepts Executive Resume Writing Service stands out as one of the most important strategic investments I have made in my career.

The resume writer assigned to me was an expert in writing executive-level resumes. He possessed an in-depth understanding of the technology industry and knew precisely how to highlight my unique skill set and accomplishments.

The overall personal branding that I got from Savvy Concepts played a crucial role in negotiating a better compensation package that is $350k higher than what I was earning before. My current employer recognized the value I was bringing to the organization, and I attribute a large part of this recognition to the unique value proposition that Savvy Concepts developed across my executive resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile.

                                                  - Garry, SVP in a Fortune 200 Company

Savvy Concepts Showcase My Clients' Executive Excellence Beyond the Resume...

As an executive performance coach serving top-tier professionals in Fortune 500 companies, I have witnessed a remarkable transformation in my clients' careers since my first engagement with Savvy Concepts in 2021.

Savvy Concepts has consistently proven to be a game-changer when it comes to writing executive resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles for my esteemed clientele, which includes directors, CEOs, Senior VPs, VPs, and other C-Suite executives. 

What sets Savvy Concepts apart is their ability to capture the essence of an executive's expertise and accomplishments in a concise yet compelling manner. They have a keen eye for identifying the most impactful achievements and translating them into powerful statements that resonate with hiring managers and executive recruiters. The results? Resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles that showcase not just the "what" of my clients' careers, but the strategic "why" and the measurable "how.".

If you are an executive seeking to maximize your career potential, I strongly urge you to engage the services of Savvy Concepts. They will undoubtedly deliver an executive resume that not only reflects your unique value proposition but also positions you as an exceptional candidate in today's competitive job market.

                                                 - Highly recommended by Cathy, Executive Performance Coach